SISAB creataes school environments for children and youth in Stockholm region and are responsible for 600 buildings. Their AI-operating system SOLIDA controls, optimises, and analyses properties in real-time using algorithms, improving indoor environments.

Project contribution

As part of Dig-IT Lab SISAB develop and test their AI-operating system SOLIDA, that controls, optimises, and analyses properties in real-time using algorithms. As the first real estate company to control properties climate and energy savings via AI, the work has resulted in positive effects on indoor environments and economy.
Thousands of temperature sensors and CO2 sensors have been connected to SOLIDA, leading to smarter control of indoor climates in properties. SISAB have improved the property’s climate balance throughout the day, resulting in better indoor environment, energy savings, and reduced environmental impact.
Through connected radon sensors in SOLIDA, it is possible to monitor radon levels in properties in real-time. If the levels increase, ventilation can be operated optimally and sustainably to lower the levels. The average temperature has increased by 1 degree, and the number of error reports has decreased by 23 percent, while energy consumption has also decreased.

About SOLIDA (Swe): AI-driftsystemet SOLIDA (


SISAB is a municipal company within the Stockholm Stadshus AB. Our goal is to offer educational environments with quality, sound economics, and long-term environmental consideration. We are responsible for 600 properties where 200,000 children, youth, and adults spend their days. We strive to provide all of Stockholm’s youth with safe, sustainable, and cost-effective properties.