Sustainability and circularity

A cross-disciplinary research theme focusing on how, and under what conditions, digitalization of buildings can contribute to reduce their environmental impact.

The mission of this research theme is to support knowledge production and solutions in Dig-it Lab (DiL) on how, and under what conditions, digitalization of buildings can and cannot contribute to radically reducing the environmental impacts and resource use of buildings. The theme is cross-disciplinary and aims to support the integration of sustainability and circularity consideration in the research performed in DiL, to initiate new relevant research projects on building sustainability, as well as to support the centre partners to reduce environmental impacts and resource consumption through digitalization.

This research theme has a focus on environmental impacts and benefits of digitalization, not least decarbonization of the built environment. Exploring conditions for improved application of circular solutions, with help of digitalization, provides in this context a means for mitigating environmental impacts associated with the design, construction, use and end-of-life of buildings. Having said that, the research theme embraces a systems perspective on sustainability impacts and benefits of digitalization in the construction sector. Thus social sustainability aspects may, when appropriate, be dealt with, in collaboration with e.g the Ethics research theme of DiL.


Within this research theme, research studies and projects together with DiL partners will be developed to strengthen the lab with respect to strategic sustainability research linked to digitalization of buildings. Active collaboration with the other DiL research themes is done to ensure sustainability aspects of concern are raised and addressed well in the centre. Facilitation will be done to encourage DiL PhD students┬┤reflections on sustainability impacts and benefits of and how it could be integrated well in their research.

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