Research at Dig-IT Lab


Research within the centre aims to reduce climate impact through digitalisation. The extensive collaboration between academia, industry and society contributes to the introduction of new smart products and services for digitisation, and shortens the lead times between research results and market introduction.

Being a node for collaboration and knowledge about digitalisation in the built environment, projects within Dig-IT Lab are carried out as far as possible as collaborative projects between academia, industry and society.

Our aim is that results, data and knowledge generated within the framework of Dig IT Lab will be transparent and accessible to everyone.

Dig-It Lab will:

  • Make it possible to realise the potential of digitalisation throughout the life cycle of buildings.
  • Lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from buildings.
  • Increase the legitimacy and validity of research conducted and accelerate the market introduction of new innovative technologies and methods.
  • Lead to more useful knowledge and to the development of the right skills.