Microgrid digital twin for smart buildings

This project aims to develop microgrid digital twin for smart buildings. A microgrid digital twin will be developed for condition monitoring and smart energy management to minimize the total operating cost and provide system services. A digital twin platform will be developed for a physical building in Stockholm as a demonstration. 

The national vision to be a climate-neutral society motivates the wide utilization of renewable energy sources (RESs) and the development of energy-efficient buildings. Moreover, there will be a large-scale integration of electric vehicles (EVs), which can greatly put stress in the building electrical grid. A microgrid connecting RESs, EVs, energy storage, building loads (e.g., heating) and possible interconnecting multiple buildings, is promising to accelerate the sustainable transition of buildings. The building microgrids are also flexible to provide grid services for additional profits and reduced power demand from grid. 

Research theme: Digital Twin, Sector Coupling

Project contact

Qianwen Xu
Associate Professor

Division of Information Science and Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science